11 – 13. January 2019.



11. – 13. January 2019,

Kopaonik Ski Resort, Serbia

Hotel “Club A”

The Higher Education Technical School of Professional Studies in Novi Sad is a leading technical school of this type, with 10 accredited Bachelor three-year study programmes and 7 one-year Specialist programmes. All of them are in compliance with European educational standards stated in the Bologna Declaration.

Long-term relationships with local and regional business organizations are strong and extensive. Our final-year students perform two-month work placements in these companies using modern equipment, which often results in their diploma project. On the other hand, we organize special training courses for employees in industry.

The cooperation between the School and similar institutions abroad is an important aspect of our academic life. We closely collaborate with St. Petersburg University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia, Technical University in Zvolen (Slovakia) and Macon State College (USA).

The School hosts international and national conferences in the area of protection. Each year in January, there are conferences on Risk assessment and safety engineering and Knowledge management and informatics at the mountain of Kopaonik, and every second year in October, there is a conference on Fire protection in Novi Sad.

The School organizes various seminars, short courses, open days, student exhibitions and multimedia presentations in the area of design.